Selected Books, Articles, and Chapters

Langer, A. M. & Yorks, L. (2013). Strategic IT: Best practices for managers and executives. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley.

Yorks, L. (2005). Strategic human resource development in organizations. Mason, Ohio: South-Western College Publishing.

Yorks, L. (Ed.). (2003). Cross-cultural dimensions of team learning. Advances in Developing Human Resources series, 5(1). Sponsored by the Academy of Human Resource Development, Sage Publications.

Bounds, G., Yorks, L., Adams, M. & Ranney, G. (1994). Beyond total quality management: Toward the emerging paradigm. New York: McGraw-Hill.  International edition published 1994. Portuguese edition published by Makron Book Editora Ltda., Brazil.

Yorks, L. & Barto, J. (2013). Invited reaction: The strategic value of HRD in lean strategy implementation. Human Resource Development Quarterly, 24, 29-33.

Yorks, L. & Nicolaides, A. (2012). A conceptual model for developing mindsets for strategic insight under conditions of complexity and high uncertainty. Human Resource Development Review, 11, 182-202.

Nakamoura, Y. T. & Yorks, L. (2011). The role of reflective practices in building social capital in organizations: Implications for HRD research and practice. Human Resource Development Review, 10, 222-245.
(Received the Elwood Holton III Research Excellence Award, 2011, for  Outstanding Article in Human Resource Development Review)

Nicolaides, A. & Yorks, L. (2008). An epistemology of learning through. Emergence: Complexity and Organization (E:CO), 10(1), 50-61.

Yorks, L. (1998). The integrated application of human resource technologies in support of strategically driven transformational change at Thermo King. In E. Mone & M. London (Eds.), H.R. to the rescue: Case studies of HR solutions to business challenges, (pp. 42-67). Houston, TX: Gulf  Publishing.


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